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“CYMG is a fantastic organization because it gave me the great opportunity to participate in more musical activities while giving back to the community and gaining valuable experiences from Chamber Groups and Associate Instructor Training. Throughout my experiences at CYMG, I learned to work together with others and discovered unique musical personalities within each person that inspired me to dedicate to music even more. I love how CYMG is very close-knit because we’re like one big family working together to share our love of music with the community. Music is my passion and talent, and what I love to do. I express myself through music and CYMG definitely allowed me to expand my musical experiences and enjoy every moment of it. I would definitely recommend CYMG to others because the quality of instruction and dedication is amazing, and the joy after performing successfully at a concert after all our hard work is phenomenal.”

Jasmine Li, student

“For 6 years we’ve been delighted to have the CYMG as an indispensable part of our lives. Thanks to their generous and affordable school outreach, we’ve been able to witness our daughter’s growth as a violinist, from the first tentative bow strokes to the confident youthful artistry she displays today. Crescendo provides a well-rounded musical experience that includes instruction, performance, and also community service. Our daughter has been able to play a broad range of musical styles in venues throughout the greater Pasadena-Glendale area, allowing her to experience music’s ability to uplift the spirit and strengthen social bonds. During the pandemic, Crescendo worked tirelessly to ensure that their students could continue their studies. In fact, online music practice afforded our daughter (and doubtlessly other children) a much needed basis for social interaction throughout those difficult times. Crescendo touches on so many facets of music making, always striking a careful balance between artistic excellence and inclusivity. At their many annual concerts I’ve enjoyed polished performances of classical, pop, and folk music by students running the gamut of technical proficiency. And in each instance, Crescendo’s nurturing spirit unfailingly shines through.”

Joshua Aguiar, Parent

“My son has been a student at Crescendo Young Musician Guild (CYMG) for about four years. We appreciate the dedication his teacher and CMYG staff put in all classes and  projects. My son enjoys doing community recitals and participating in the final concert showcasing their work to family and friends. The power of music education has had a positive impact on my son! Thanks to the affordable tuition CYMG offers, we have been able to keep him in such a wonderful program. Thank you CYMG!” 

Alma Ortega, Parent 

“CYMG has helped me as a musician by giving me the opportunity to still play in a class setting, even if I come from a low income family. It has helped me as a person by meeting people that enjoy to play music like me and becoming friends. The thing I like most about CYMG is the class setting. By having a small class I am to pay more attention but I also get the benefit of my instructor to help me more often than in a huge class. Also I get to know my fellow peers which makes it easier to play music because with time you get to understand the way they play. CYMG is unique because we play all genres of music, and you also get to have an input and what kind of songs you would like to play. Also you get to know faculty on a personal level. I would recommend CYMG to anyone who wants to continue with music or a person who wants to start playing.”

Javier Nunes, Student

“My daughter had been taking private lessons for 2 years when her teacher suggested that we find a group for her to play in. We checked out a few different groups which were way too expensive and seemed to be more focused on the money than on the progress of their students. CYMG was suggested to us when we were about to stick with private lessons only. What a difference this group has made! She’s been challenged. She’s played things we thought could never come out of a girl her age. The group setting has changed her and has helped her grow as a musician. The biggest miracle of all is that my daughter who struggles with dyslexia has gained confidence through music, which has helped her to achieve the goal of reading at her grade level. Coming to CYMG was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our young musician. As we enter in our 2nd year with CYMG we look forward to the limitless progression that such an organization can provide.”

Amber Mackay, Parent

The unique thing–and the best thing–about CYMG is its focus on extending music to all, providing an encouraging environment to grow as a musician. While other programs, like student orchestras, are highly selective about their musicians, CYMG accepts all interested in music and willing to commit to the program. It’s not a matter of showing off or being the best. We have fun, and we focus on music, not how we’re going to get into college, not how we’re going to snatch the first chair or impress others. The small groups allow attention to each musician, so each member is important. I think that’s what influenced me the most. I’ve performed in small groups before, but actually being in an organization and contributing to it gave me reason to play and assurance, during the hectic years of high school, that continuing the violin had some worth. I’m thankful for that. I’ve been close to giving up several times, but hey, if I could play music with such dedicated people (like Miss Chen, who’s been all over the streets raising money), it wouldn’t matter that I’m not the best. It’s music. It’s worth it. I recommend CYMG to others: it’s beneficial and affordable.

Rena Chen, Student

As a musician, CYMG has completely changed the game for me. I exponentially improved in my musicianship. I have improved in my sight-reading, problem-solving, intonation, rhythm, listening, and communication skills. Part of what I love about playing in a string quartet is that, as the musician playing each individual part for themselves, everyone in the group must put in their full efforts. I am truly thankful for how CYMG has impacted me as a violist.  CYMG has given me the opportunities to thrive in pursuing my passion for playing viola because I've been able to share this passion with broader audiences at events I've attended such as Easter Sunday Mass, weddings, and the MonteCedro Retirement Senior Living Center. Seeing the faces of the senior citizens after our quartet plays and hearing how happy the Church members are after listening to us play also touches my soul because it's just such a comforting feeling that I am able to do what I love and bring light into other people's' lives at the same time. CYMG has shown me how music is a way to unite people together.

Ashley Loh, Student

“My third grader had the wonderful opportunity to learn the violin this past spring through CYMG. After almost two years of learning piano in isolation through Zoom, my daughter was able to finally have a musical experience where she could learn to play violin with an in-person instructor alongside her school friends, and play with a group. According to my daughter, her favorite things were her kind teacher, Lacey Bowen, who made learning fun, and the fact that she was able to learn with her school friends. As a parent, it’s a game changer to have quality music instruction at my child’s school. Not only are private lessons often cost prohibitive, but transportation for working parents to offsite lessons is also an obstacle. Having CYMG at our own public school was such an invaluable experience. We look forward to continuing with CYMG in the future.” 

Rima Añosa, Parent

Participating in chamber music taught me the nuances of communicating within music. It is a nonverbal language I have gotten familiar with as CYMG shaped me into the musician I am today. A quartet– with such a small number of musicians compared to the traditional orchestra– communication is amplified. Our sways and body language is not just a physical reaction to the music we are playing. With no conductors to give us cues, our body language becomes the primary means of conveying musical ideas and coordinating our playing. A mere eye-contact or sniff allows us to confirm our “one-ness” as a group. CYMG helped me develop this skill set and put all these ideas into practice in all musical settings, including my other orchestral pursuits. My musical journey with CYMG has not only helped my growth as a musician, but fostered personal growth as well. Through CYMG, I have also met many of my closest friends as we all bond over our mutual shared love for music. Music is able to bring people together as we are intertwined through the music we produce together. I built so many friendships on the basis of our shared love towards listening and playing melodies and gave me a community of people who enjoy music equally or more than I do.

Shannon Cheng, student

“CYMG has provided Daniela the opportunity to learn to play the violin with classes that are fun, teaching artists that are engaging, and in a group setting, which she enjoys very much. Learning violin with CYMG has given her something to look forward to, and she describes playing as a relief in this time of great stress. She’s also built lasting friendships with kids that enjoy her interests.”

Teresa Herrera, Parent

Being a part of CYMG really is something special! Sharing the gift of music to so many people is truly rewarding, and I would encourage everyone to be a part of this wonderful experience.”

Natan Long, Student

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