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Assistant Instructor Training Program

The purpose of the CYMG Assistant Instructor Training Program is to train advanced young musicians ages 15-22 to mentor and coach other young musicians. CYMG Assistant Instructors learn how to not only teach music but gain important life skills such as leadership and problem-solving while building their self- confidence.


Assistant Instructors receive: free training as instructors and either community service hours or 50% off Chamber Music tuition.

To become a CYMG Assistant Instructor, students must pass each step of the acceptance process:

1) Online application

2) Playing audition: Demonstrate proficient skills as a musician on your respective instrument.

3) Candidate Training: Shadow professional teaching artists as you assist them in classes and rehearsals for a semester. 

4) It’s Official!: Based on your performance over the course of your Assistant Instructor Candidate training, you will hopefully be made an official CYMG Assistant Instructor. Thanks for giving back!

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