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Accessible Quality Music Education for Students in LA & San Gabriel Valley


CYMG's 3 Pillars


CYMG provides students of all socio-economic backgrounds equal opportunity access to quality music instruction


CYMG students share their music with the public and develop their confidence through concerts and professional gigs


CYMG students serve the community through performances  at charity events, senior homes, hospitals, and more

Welcome to CYMG! Watch the video above to learn about us.

“CYMG’s quality instruction and dedication is amazing, and the joy after performing successfully at a concert after all our hard work is phenomenal.”

Jasmine Li, Student


Students as young as 6 years up to 20 years old can take classes taught by our highly accomplished Teaching Artists.

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Help us keep the music going

Your donations sustain our staff and ensure our students continue to learn and share the beautiful gift of music with the community. 

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